Bank Account in Bulgaria

Get now a bank account in Bulgaria, Internet Banking, and a €60 withdrawal card without limit in Greece. Continue to pay your suppliers abroad regularly.

To open a bank account in Bulgaria, it is not necessary to have a company in Bulgaria.

Individuals can also open a bank account in Bulgaria, have e-banking and a withdrawal card ONLY with the demonstration of their Greek identity card.

To open a personal bank account, which is a process that does not take more than half an hour, only your physical presence and your ID or passport is required. You will immediately receive your PIN and the device for the Additional Security Code. The cost of this service is 150 euros plus any bank charges that arise depending on which bank you choose.

The withdrawal card takes approximately seven to ten days to issue, so you will need to revisit the same or some other bank branch (which you have indicated as a card pickup at the opening of the account) as your physical presence is again necessary to receive the card and codes for e-banking.

With the withdrawal card issued by a foreign bank, you can comfortably make withdrawals and transactions in Greece without the limitations that have been placed with Capital Control in Greek banks. Also with e-banking you can make overseas transactions without any restrictions from Greece or from anywhere in the world.


In order to open a bank account in Bulgaria for Greek legal entities (companies), a number of documents, certified and translated, for which we can inform you in case you are interested in this possibility, is required.

For more information, please send us your queries and we will get back to you soon.