Insurance Contributions


  • The insurance of the entrepreneur in Bulgaria (like OAEE in Greece) costs about 65 € / month. The years of insurance are normally counted as retirement years.
  • If you are insured with the respective Bulgarian insurance company you can get exemption from compulsory insurance (OAEE) of Greece even if you have a company / companies operating in Greece.
  • Low insurance contributions (like IKA in Greece) about 60 euros.
  • Low labor cost from 180 € / month.

According to European law, every citizen who is doing business in more than one EU country has the right to choose to which country he will pay insurance contributions.

For example, if someone has a business / company in Greece and pays OAEE insurance contributions and starts a parallel business activity, i.e. opens a company in Bulgaria, he can choose Bulgaria as the country where he will pay his insurance.

After being insured with the respective insurance company in Bulgaria, the entrepreneur will receive a European form with which he will go to the competent authority OAEE and provide it. Then OAEE will issue him a certificate of exemption from OAEE’s insurance with which he will be able to submit it to any service requested (tax office etc.). His / her business in Greece will continue to function normally without any problems. The years that the entrepreneur will pay insurance contributions in Bulgaria are normally counted as retirement years. He also has full medical coverage in Bulgaria and he will receive a European Health Card with which he will be covered only in emergency medical care in Greece and in Europe in general.

The insurance contributions in Bulgaria cost about 65 € / month as opposed to the contributions to the Greek OAEE (OAU) which cost about 300 € / month respectively.

Because there are many details and conditions for someone to receive the European form, which will be presented to OAEE so as to get an exemption, our company is specialized and knows all the necessary details in order to avoid complications of the process.


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