Lately, we often hear about car seizures with Bulgarian number-plates. We would like to assure you that our clients are fully vested in case of customs control and do not run any risk in such a situation to lose their car.

In order for a physical person to have a car with Bulgarian number-plates, he or she must either be a resident of Bulgaria (and this should arise from the corresponding documents which prove it), or to maintain a company based in Bulgaria who is also entitled to have a car as a fixed asset of the company. This car can be driven by those included in the special decision of the General Assembly or the BoD of the company (which must be published).

You should definitely keep in mind the following:

To be able to justify buying a car from your Bulgarian company, your company should have a reason to exist (ie you cannot make a Bulgarian company if you have a hair salon in Greece) and the purchase of the car must be justified by the scope of the company’s work. The company must be operational and make a real turnover for at least 3-4 months before the purchase of the car.

Our company can carry out all the necessary legal actions needed and prepare for you the complete package of necessary documents in order to be able to buy, transfer and drive a car with Bulgarian number-plates legally and without any problems around the world.

We offer this service exclusively to our office customers and not alone, so if you already have a company in Bulgaria, which is managed by another, you should trust us to manage your affairs so that we can  also help with the the case of the car.

The advantages of having a car with Bulgarian number-plates are many. First of all, there is no need to display financial assets.

For example, to buy a used car from Germany, 2000cc diesel, 2007 model , you will need about 5000 €. The annual maintenance cost (excluding service and possible repairs) is:

1. Annual insurance of around 100 € and gross of approximately 250-300 €

2. Car tax – about 100-120 €

3. Annual traffic card (toll) – 35 €

4. ΜΟΤ annual – about 25 €

TOTAL: about 280 €


For more information, please send us your queries and we will get back to you soon.