The process of establishing / setting up a company in Bulgaria is an easy, fast and safe process.

It takes approximately 10 to 20 days from the day of submission of the application.

To establish a company in Bulgaria, it is not necessary to have your presence here. The legal department of our company will draft and send you a special warranty which you will validate at any Bulgarian Consulate or Embassy in the world.

With this authorization, our attorneys will undertake and process for you all the necessary actions to complete the process of setting up the company in all departments and banks, and will hand over your company “key” ready to start your business and banking.

Bulgarian companies are legitimate European companies. They are recognized and operate all over the world. They can export, import and produce products, can provide services,

Bulgarian companies are NOT off shore companies.

For your company to work in Bulgaria, your physical presence is NOT necessary here. Your company will be managed by our experienced lawyers with accountability, credibility and in the best possible way that will always protect your interests.

It’s not enough just to open a company !!! This is the simplest and easiest thing.

The difficult part comes after your company is established to be able to be and feel confident:

  •  that they are protected to your interests
  • that your company will still operate legally
  • that the obligations that you have and will incur to the agencies and services will be immediately processed without delay
  • that next to you there is always someone who monitors your company responsibly and informs you immediately and for the slightest
  • that you can sleep quietly and your company will work without you, for you and for your benefit
  • that you will always have a credible answer for any question you may have
  • that your problems will always be solved in the shortest possible time and in the best possible way.

Take care of the services, consistency and responsibility of your associates once you have established your company in Bulgaria. The essence is after all to “go watch” and not to enter into adventures and problems that will make your life more difficult.

We provide responsible and reliable services at the moment you need them and when you need them. We provide you with confidence and security and reliable information. We will always be beside you.

For these reasons, trust in our services and we will support you in the best possible way.

For more information, please send us your queries and we will get back to you soon.