Types of Companies in Bulgaria

The most common types of companies in Bulgaria are:

OOD – corresponding to the Greek Limited Liability Company (Ltd.) – A company in the form of an OOD may be established by one or more natural or legal persons with limited liability corresponding to the amount of the shares they have in the company. Each partner is entitled to the company’s profits corresponding to his stake in the company. The minimum capital of the company may be 2 leva (€ 0, 95).

EOOD – corresponds to One-Person Limited Liability Company (one-person Ltd.) – is established by a single natural or legal person.

The characteristic of the above two types of companies is that the company’s capital can be a minimum of 2 leva (€ 0, 95) and consist of corporate shares. The transfer of the company shares is made by a notarial act and is registered in the Bulgarian Companies Register. The governing bodies are the General Assembly of the Partners and the Administrator (s).

AD – a type of company that corresponds to the Greek SA – The capital of the company in the form of AD is divided into shares. The company’s responsibilities are its assets. The minimum capital is 50,000 leva (about € 25.000).

EAD – corresponds to the Greek One-person limited company (One-person SA) – is established by a single natural or legal person who is the sole owner.

S.A. companies have the following governing bodies: the General Assembly of Shareholders and the Board of Directors (unified System) or a Supervisory Board and a Board of Directors (binary system).

ET or individual enterprise – any natural person residing in the country. It does not have a capital requirement.

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